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Vancouver Hotel helps raise funds for Cancer

You are probably wondering what a hotel blog, travel to Vancouver and cancer have to do with each other. Well, at the Georgian Court Hotel we are strong supporters of Canadian cancer research and believe we can help beat this terrible disease one penny at a time. Cancer affects millions of people in Canada and around the world; If you are living in the 21st century you have most probably been touched by cancer – you have in some way lost someone or know someone who has beat this terrible disease. Statistics on show that in 2011 alone, 29.9% or 242,074 of lives in Canada were lost to cancer and 524 Canadians were estimated to be diagnosed with cancer every day in 2014.

We did a quick survey of 5 random people to find out how they have been touched by cancer – the results were shocking: 27 deaths, 7 survivals, 7 currently fighting cancer and 1 misdiagnose.

The Daffodil Campaign at the Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver

Every year the Georgian Court Hotel joins the Canadian Cancer Society in the Daffodil campaign which takes place during the month of April. The campaign to raise funds for cancer research has been a great success at the hotel over the years. In 2015, the Georgian Court Hotel is donating 10% of proceeds from your accommodations to cancer research. Take note, when you travel in Vancouver you can make a difference! Whether you are traveling on vacation or for business, your reservation can change lives. How do you benefit from staying at the Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver? You will enjoy four-star accommodations, you can enjoy the beauty of British Columbia and be a super hero at the same time with your contribution.

How the Hotel and Vancouver are making a difference

DAF_OnlineImageAllegedly, sun exposure, food, lifestyle, air, buildings, cell phones, plastic, soft drinks among many other items can cause cancer. What are we supposed to do? This is our lifestyle! It may seem everything you are exposed to can give you cancer these days and we have heard “everyone has cancer cells”. So, what can we do to avoid this terrible disease?

We are no experts, but exercise, eating healthy foods (organic if you can afford it), eating lots and lots of veggies (minimum 3 colors with each meal) and drinking lots of water to flush out toxins make sense and can only be good for your body. And why not look at the ingredients in the food items you purchase and try to avoid ingredients you cannot pronounce? They are terrifying.

With the proliferation of health food stores, farmers markets and natural products available in Vancouver, BC you can make a difference in your body. Did you know that food stores and supermarkets place the healthiest and most natural products in the outside isles? Check it out next time you go to the market, you will find fresh veggies and fruits, fresh protein and breads in the outside isles and you will find potato chips, sodas, cookies, frozen food, candy and more in the inside isles.

Vancouver is spectacular and as soon as the weather warms, we have a tendency to discard the layers of winter clothing to feel the warm sun. The sun is very strong these days, it has been recommended to wear sunscreen, why not do the best you can to avoid sun damaged cells with SPF of 50? Do your part this year and wear protection at all times and if you like fashion, why not wear a hat? Visit the Granville Island hat shop for a great selection.

Don’t forget to wear your Daffodil Pin to support cancer research. Daffodil Pins are also available for sale at the front desk reception at the Georgian Court Hotel in downtown Vancouver or in Frankie’s Italian Kitchen. To book your accommodations in Vancouver, BC visit our website at or call 1-800-663-1155. Thank you for helping support the campaign against cancer, if you know someone or meet anyone along the way that has cancer, please share this post – help it go viral.


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